Kampos of Chios

to Kampos of Chios, a paradise made up by human hands. People hoisted high walls of Thymianousian stone in order to protect the mansions with theirs wheel-wells and cisterns, the blossoms and fruits of citrus trees, the jasmine and the bougainvillea. When you get the golden key of the mansion you will come across the Kampos orchards and hospitality.
Take your afternoon stroll in the center of Kampos, among the alleys which are flooded with fragrances, in the neighborhood of Rallis, Rodokanakis, Mavrokordatos, Mitarakis, Argentis, Petrokokkinos, Lykiardopoulos and Vitiadis mansions. The organizational spirit of the Genoese Maona combined with the Chians’ dynamism and ingenuity set up this unique place.
Go out on the routes to the castle villages of mastic, the Mystra of the Aegean Sea- Anavatos, the Byzantine churches, the lovely beaches and the picturesque small taverns. .

We wish you a pleasant stay!